Daisy Online is a service that lets you download content directly to your Daisy Online compatible Digital Talking Book player. It consists of a combination of a server, a content provider, and a client. The server is hosted at American Printing House for the Blind. The content provider makes the content available. This page describes providers from National Library Service (NLS), American Printing House for the Blind, Bookshare, and Open Library. The client can exist in many forms. This document refers to the client built into the Book Port DT.


For information on how to load these configuration files and configure Book Port, see the Daisy Online section of the Book Port documentation. If you have another Daisy client, see the instructions for that device for details on configuring it.

Use this setting file for all the servers described on this page. If you want to use only one server, load only the configuration file for that server. Note that, in some browsers, it may be necessary to right click on the above link then select Save Target As from the menu that appears in your browser. If it is more convenient, you may also use this zipped version. Remember, however, that you must unzip it before using the configurations on your Book Port.

For each of the services described below, you must:

National Library Service (NLS)

The DAISY Online Service connects to the NLS BARD interface to let you directly search for and download titles. This DAISY Online Service is not supported by NLS.

In order to use the NLS services, you need the following:

  1. Internet Connection
  2. An account with NLS. See for information about qualifications and the application process.
  3. Download the NLS OnlineSetting.ini file
  4. Load the configuration.
  5. Add your user ID and password to the configuration.

To download content, do the following:

APH Magazine Service

The first Daisy Online service in the United States is the APH magazine delivery service. Since 1929, APH has provided Reader's Digest and (later) Newsweek in various formats including braille, cassette recording, and Digital Talking Book. This Daisy Online extension to the list of formats makes these publications available to qualified patrons of the National Library Service directly from their Book Port DT Digital Talking Book player or other Daisy Online client.

Before you can use this content, you must have the following:

  1. Internet connection.
  2. Approval from NLS. (See
  3. Register with the APH magazine site at and create a free account. Remember the user ID and password you use on this account, because you need to enter it onto Book Port's Online Service Settings as well.
  4. Download the OnlineSetting.ini file for this service
  5. Load the configuration.
  6. Add your user ID and password to the configuration.

To use the service, follow these steps:


Bookshare is the world's largest online library of copyrighted content for people with qualifying disabilities. For qualification information and sign up, contact

Before you may use this service, you need the following:

Once you have a bookshare account and have downloaded the OnlineSetting.ini file, follow these steps:

To use the Bookshare service, select it from the Online Services menu and follow the menu prompts.

The Bookshare server offers the following horizontal Search/Browse menu:

Title | Author | Date | Full Text | ISBN | ISBN Ending in X | ID | Latest | Popular | Periodical List | Category List | Grade List | Clear Grade and Category Search |

When you select one of these menu options, Book Port shows a list of titles that conform to the option you picked. Use the Right Arrow and Left Arrow to find a title, then press Enter to issue that title.

To search for titles, pick Title. Book Port prompts you to type the text to find. See the TypingText section of the Book Port documentation for information on how to enter text.

To search for authors, select Author from the menu.

To search by date, pick Date from the menu.

To search for the text within a title, select Full Text.

To search by ISBN or for the last few digits of an ISBN, pick ISBN or ISBN ending with X.

To download a specific title by ID, pick ID.

To see o list of the latest books, pick Latest.

To see a list of the most popular titles, select Popular.

For periodicals, pick Periodicals. Book Port responds by asking you to select a range of letters. Once you pick a range, Book Port shows the list of periodicals that fall between those letters. When you select a periodical from the list, Book Port shows the last two or three issues of that periodical and possibly the last Sunday's edition if it is a news paper.

To see a list of categories, pick Category List. Book Port responds by showing a list of categories. Select a category to see a list of titles in that category.

To see titles targeted at a specific grade, pick Grade List. Book Port responds with a list of grades. Once you select a grade, Book Port shows the titles related to that grade.

To clear the category and grade list, pick Clear Grade and Category Search.

Open Library

Open Library houses the world's largest collection of online works. It also contains thousands of titles that are protected by the NLS key for those users that are also patrons of the National Library Service. Note that while it is currently not possible for people who are not patrons to borrow books, this enhancement is in the works. There are also millions of non-copyrighted titles available for download.

To use the Open Library Daisy Online service, you need the following:

Once you have an account and the configuration file, you must:

Notice: Accessibility of APH Websites