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JAWS and MAGic Student Edition

Jaws-MAGic-Student Edition

Welcome to the JAWS and MAGic Student Edition. This annual subscription program provides a student access to JAWS screen reading and/or MAGic screen magnification software – at school and at home. The subscription period begins on the first day of installation, and continues for one full year; and includes all updates, training materials and technical support services. These subscriptions also apply towards full licenses the students can receive in the future which is explained further in this document.

Which product should I use?

Your annual subscription entitles you to the use of both JAWS and MAGic. You may decide to use one or both products together. While many things may play into your decision as to which products to install, the following is provided as a guide to help you decide.

Install JAWS only

If the student relies on the use of a keyboard and speech or Braille output, rather than a monitor, to navigate screen information, JAWS is probably the best choice.

Install MAGic only

If the student has enough vision to utilize an enhanced mouse to navigate and click on items on a magnified screen, using MAGic is probably the best choice. MAGic also comes with its own built-in speech component to ease eye fatigue and give quicker access to screen information that can easily be turned on and off.

Install both JAWS and MAGic

If the student relies primarily on the use of the keyboard and speech, but is able, to some degree, to also use vision for navigation on the computer monitor, they may want to install both JAWS and MAGic.

Where can JAWS and MAGic be installed?

The software can be installed on Windows computers issued by the school district for the student, as well as any Windows computers the student has access to at home.

Software can be installed on all 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista® (only 32-bit), along with Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

Installing the software

Please download the entire file to your Windows computer, and then execute the installer. It is not advised to run the installer from the web page directly. After downloading the software, simply launch the executable file to begin the installation.

JAWS download page


MAGic download page


During the installation, you may be prompted to reboot the computer to continue the installation. Once you have rebooted, the installation will continue.

Note: On some machines it may take several minutes after the reboot before the installation restarts.

Follow the prompts to finish the installation. You’ll be prompted to authorize and register your product.

Registering the product

Important Note: Registering the product in the student’s name allows them to receive direct technical support from Freedom Scientific during the term of the subscription. Additionally, any student who has registered a subscription product in their name for four years will be eligible to convert, for free, to a full license of that product.

Note: The authorization code you receive from APH can be used to activate both JAWS and MAGic, however the process has to be performed for both products when they are run the first time.

  1. Select the option to authorize via the internet.
  2. Then select the option to install the Authorization Code Manually.
  3. Enter the authorization code APH sent you.
  4. Wait for the confirmation that the product has been authorized. On some wireless networks, this can take a couple of minutes.

Installing on additional machines

Students with JAWS and MAGic Student Edition may install the software on computers issued by the school district as well as any Windows computers the student has access to at home. Installing on additional home machines follows the same procedure as the first installation. Note that registration of the license, is only required one time. The subscription license comes with three keys. However if additional keys are needed by the student for their user, they can request a key reset through https://fsactivate.freedomscientific.com/

Available Training Resources

Both JAWS and MAGic have recorded training files to help new users get up and running with the product features. The built-in DAISY player, FS Reader, allows you to select and listen to a wide variety of topics. JAWS and MAGic have help topics specific to their program. Use the following steps to access the DAISY training materials.

JAWS training

  1. From the JAWS application window, open the Help menu.
  2. Select Training.

MAGic training

  1. From the MAGic application window, click on the APH button on the top left.
  2. Open the Help menu.
  3. Select Training.

Additional Help Topics

In addition to the built-in training for JAWS and MAGic, Freedom Scientific's web page includes additional options. Please visit http://www.freedomscientific.com/training.asp

Available Technical Support

Freedom Scientific provides top quality technical support to our customers. You can call or email us; as well as search our knowledge base online.

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