What's new in Braille Plus 18™

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.

Revision History

Version 14.06.27, June 2014

Version 13.09.30, September 2013

  1. Removes the formally required switch to computer braille mode when using the Unified English Braille table and entering non-literary text such as file names, web URLs, and email addresses.
  2. Decreases key bounce time for the panning keys to help improve the user experience when using either of the braille panning keys.
  3. Improves panning behavior in the Word Processor app and other multi-line edit controls with the pan left function. In earlier versions, panning left at the beginning of a paragraph moved the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph instead of the last braille window in the previous paragraph.
  4. Adds hot keys for mark, copy, cut, and paste editing commands.
  5. Enhances the braille status messages by letting the user dismiss the message with a router key and make the original text from the focused app replace that text on the display.
  6. Includes several braille translation table corrections for both English and Unified English braille.
  7. Adds a notification to the Recorder app to make it easier to return to the recording and control it. If the user switched away from the Recorder app in previous versions, the recording in progress was abandoned.
  8. Granted highest level importance status to the audio hardware during recording. This corrects the problem of sometimes getting a recording with no input from the microphones.
  9. Adds a Record Boost, on by default, to help bring up the level of most recordings.
  10. Adds a command, Space+Dots 2 5 6 (low D) to turn on and off the braille display.
  11. Increases the DC offset in recordings. This has the effect of seeming to slightly raise the volume level.
  12. Corrects a problem with invalid folder names when downloading titles from Bookshare in the Library app.
  13. Corrects a problem that could make Reader crash on navigation.
  14. Changes the time to delay while changing levels in the Reader app. In previous versions, you often had to use the command so quickly, you could not hear the speech responses.
  15. Corrects a cursor navigation problem in the word processor when using computer braille.
  16. Adds navigation to audio playback.
  17. Includes several enhancements for Nearby Explorer.

Version 13.5.22, May 2013

Version 13.3.26, March 2013

This version corrects instability and lock up issues. The inclusion of a Problem Reporter tool should help to eliminate any additional issues.

Version 13.1.10, January 2013

Version 12.12.03, December 2012

Version 12.10.10, October 2012

Version 12.10.1, October 2012

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