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Classroom Guide for Braille Plus 18

This Classroom Guide is designed to provide a logical approach for integrating the Braille Plus 18 (BP18) into everyday classroom activities. The Guide is broken down into short sections that are organized according to specific applications and tasks. Each section has a short quiz, and answers are indicated by a double asterisk for the teacher. The quizzes are also available as separate documents for student use, which can be embossed, printed, taken on a computer, or transferred to the BP18, if desired.

The Classroom Guide is an ongoing project, with additions and revisions made periodically, as software updates to the device continue and teacher feedback is addressed. The documents in this Classroom Guide for Braille Plus 18 are available as free downloads, however the work therein is subject to the copyright shown below.


Project Staff

Dawn Wilkinson, Braille Development Project Leader
Denise Snow, Research Assistant
Larry Skutchan, Technology Products Manager
Jeanette Wicker, Core Curriculum Consultant

Classroom Guide for Braille Plus 18
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